PA IconProteome Analyst 3.0

Proteome Analyst (PA) is an online tool used by researchers to rapidly analyze proteins. Using machine learning technologies, PA can accurately predict the subcellular localization and high level function of user submitted proteins.

Users can also analyze proteins using common bioinformatics tools such as: BLAST, HMMer, PROSITE, and PSIPRED.

Proteome Analyst 3.0: PA-SUB

Proteome Analyst - Subcellular (PA-SUB) is a specialilzed tool derived from Proteome Analyst (PA). Users can anonymously submit proteins to PA-SUB. Unlike PA, PA-SUB only performs subcellular localization predictions.

Proteome Analyst 2.5: PA-GOSUB

Proteome Analyst - Gene Ontology and Subcellular (PA-GOSUB) is a database of pre-computed results of complete proteomes. Users can anonymously browse the results. As well, results can be downloaded for local viewing and analysis.

Pathway Analyst

Pathway Analyst (PathA) is an online tool used by researchers to discover which metabolic pathways may exist whithin a set of proteins. Researchers can also browse a database of precomputed pathway predictions.

Path-A currently supports 10 metabolic pathways (five amino acid metabolism and five carbohydrate metabolism pathways). We will soon be supporting many more.

Bioinformatics Research Group

The Bioinformatics Group is a research group in the Department of Computing Science. We are responsible for the Proteome Analyst and Pathway Analyst tools.